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      Privacy policy

    The following text also appears in our policies page but we have also added it here because we know just how important it is to many of our members

    We have a firm commitment to maintain the privacy of our members.

    We do not sell your information to third parties and we have no intention to do so

    We do collect information through the normal functions of the web site both at registration and during the normal running. Much of this is displayed to other members for example when members view your profile or see who has viewed them

    If we suspect abuse of our systems or members, we reserve the right to pass any information that we hold to relevant parties, which may include but is not limited to, the Police, Internet Service Providers and others to help prevent the abuse.

    We will also provide assistance where we think it is right to do so, to help identify members for others who are proceeding with in our view, legitimate legal action.