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    DateNight Feature

      How It Works


    Have you ever sat at home and thought to yourself, wouldn't it be nice to have a quick, simple and reliable way to meet new people?

    Maybe you are put off dating because your finances aren't too good at the moment

    Maybe you have tried one or two ordinary dating websites and find yourself writing endless messages but not actually meeting anybody or maybe you have a free morning, afternoon or night coming up and would really like to meet someone new

    Well here it is, introducing DateNight

    How does it work?

    In its simplest form, a member creates a new DateNight for a certain place, on a certain date, we call this member the DateNight owner. They add a few other details to indicate their preferred partner and who will pay

    Other members can see the available dates and may make offer/s for that date (or others)

    * Only the date owner can see offers for that date

    The date owner may choose to accept one of the offers. When that occurs, we send a message to each party

    Then the DateNight owner and the chosen offer member finalise the details between them by sending each other messages, such as where and when exactly to meet, what to do, etc and they go on the date

    Our Recommendations

    Create DateNights a week or two ahead. This will give time for others to see your DateNight and make offers. It will also give you time to read their profiles and message those members to get to know them a little before choosing an offer. Afterall if they have made you an offer, they must be interested and now you have the perfect opening, for example 'Hi NewGuy, thanks for offering to meet me, what kind of food do you enjoy...etc'

    The rules

    Creating DateNights

    Premium members only may create new DateNights and they may create several at one time (for different dates)

    DateNights may be made for the next day or up to 28 days ahead but we would recommend two weeks ahead if you can

    There is a free text field for members to suggest things to do on the DateNight. You may suggest anything from coffee to skydiving and although we are all adults here on Date Knight, please keep it reasonable, Date Nights must be authorised by Admins before they are visible to other members

    Making Offers

    All members may view and make offers for DateNights, even if they don't meet the DateNight owners preferred partner description

    Only the DateNight owner can see offers for a DateNight

    Members may make offers for several DateNights even if some occur on the same date/time. However, if one offer is accepted, all other offers for the same date/time will be automatically removed

    Offers have to be authorised by our Admins staff before being visible to the Date Night owner, we try to do this quickly and may refuse offers that could be offensive

    What we hope to achieve with DateNights

    • We hope to provide a fast and friendly facility for adults to meet and date
    • By including the 'who pays' field, we hope that those less well off will be able to create or offer with confidence, knowing that they won't be embarrassed on the night