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      DateKnight help

    See below for help with navigation, joining and a general guide to the facilities with an overview of each of the menu items and their associated functions.

    We also provide two other types of help for members, feature detail pages, which describe how individual features work and a FAQs page where frequently asked questions are shown and answered. Links to these detail pages can be found in the help menu sub-items and from within this page.

    Basic Navigation

    Is achieved using the menu at left side of the page, just below your main photo. You may click on any menu item or sub menu items that appear when hovering.


    Click on one of the Join Us For Free links and fill in some details to create a membership. Then you will need to reply to our automatic email with a code so we know your email address is real.

    Note, some members have notified us that they haven't received the code only to find that their email provider has put it in the spam or another folder. Please wait a few minutes and check all possible places, especially if you are using GMail, which seems to be the worst offender.

    Filling in as many profile details as you can will get you the best response from the other members. Afterall wouldn't you be more likely to contact someone who gives more information about themselves? You'll be pleased to know that standard details can be completed in just a few minutes and we don't go overboard on form-filling. We like to think that we have asked just enough questions to get a sense of what another member is like whist leaving room to ask further questions and allow members to get to know each other. Right now we think this is the best way forward, but will listen to member feedback and may make adjustments in future.

    General guide

    We provide facilities and information to help members enjoy their dating site experience. Most are available to all members with some extras for premium members at a very low price.

    All Members can:

    • Run and save searches
    • View profiles
    • Amend personal profile
    • Add photos and create a main photo from one of them
    • Send and receive messages and smiles
    • Add members to favourites lists
    • Block other members from your/their searches, DateNight listings and sending messages
    • Set preferences for Notifications
    • Set message restrictions for some or all types of members
    • Enjoy the DateNight feature


    Gives some profile feedback and shows a list of members in a news reel who have recently joined or have made a change, added a new photo, etc.

    It provides information and links such as:

    • Views: the number of members you have viewed + link to a list and who have viewed you
    • Favourites: the number of favourites you have added + link to a list and members who added you
    • Messages: the number sent and received + unread + links to in and out boxes
    • Searches: a list of all saved searches with a quick link to instantly run any of them
    • DateNights: Has a reminder for any agreed dates coming up and availble dates in your area
    • Blocked: simply has a link to the blocked members manager page
    • Preferences: simply has a link to the preferences manager page
    • A link to a list of members who have viewed them
    • A link to a list of members who added them to favourites

    Home sub menus


    It opens showing a list of members who viewed you (in the last 28 days) with photos and basic member information, with each having a link to the profile.

    Using the 'I Viewed' link shows a list of members you have viewed recently.


    Whilst viewing the profile of a member, you may 'Like' their photo or profile and when you do they will appear in the list of members you like. Clicking the link 'Like Me' Shows a list of members who have liked your photo or profile.


    Shows a list of members you added as favourites with photos and basic information with each having a link to the profile.

    Using the 'My Fans' link showsa list a members who have added you as favourite.

    Standard members may add up to 4 favourites and Premium members may add up to 10.


    This page allows members to manage their blocked members (who can be added at various points in the web site). Here members can choose to:
    • Stop them messaging you
    • *Stop them appearing in your searches
    • *Stop you appearing in their searches

    *If you block a member from appearing in your searches or you from appearing in their searches, the same will automatically be true for DateNight listings that you or they may create

    You may also add a note to remind yourself why you blocked them in the first place.


    This page allows members to set basic preferences such as:
    • Email notification
      • Notify on message received
      • Notify on being added to favourite
      • Notify when your photo is liked
      • Notify when your profile is liked
    • Prevent messages containing profanities

    Checking the appropriate box will enable the facility.

    -If you check the Notify on message received, we will send you an email (just once per day) if you have un-read message/s.
    -If you check the Notify on being added to favourite, we will send you an email when you are added to favourites.
    -If you check the Notify when your photo is liked, we will send you an email at that time.
    -If you check the Notify when your profile is liked, we will send you an email at that time.
    -If you check the Prevent messages containing profanities, We will display a short message in the new message page, to say that you have requested this and will refuse any messages to you that we can see have profanities contained within.

    Gold members have an extra few preferences to:
    -Opt out of being seen by others in 'You are being viewed by' feature
    -Opt out of being seen in 'Who has Viewed Me' list
    -Opt out of receiving Smiles


    If you use the contact Us or make a complaint using a link, perhaps about a photo, profile or message, it will be listed here and remarks/replies from Admin will be visible here so that you can see how the 'Issue' is progressing.


    We use a conversation-based messaging system and the page opens showing a list of conversations with some of the other member's details and the first part of the last message shown as a link to the full conversation with messages in chronological order.

    If a conversation exists between two members, any subsequent messages will be added to that conversation, so if a member messages another where a conversation already exists, it will show after previous messages regardless of duration between them.

    Whole conversations may be deleted and they may be seen (in a similar list) by selecting the Trash tab. When both members have trashed the same conversation, it may be deleted after a delay of a few weeks.

    Conversation sub menus


    This allows you to set restrictions that will stop messages from other members that you may not be interested in. There are currently four categories: Gender, Full Profile, Age, Non Paying Members.

    So for example, if you wanted to block all men from messaging you, simply click the 'Male' radio button in the By Gender section.

    Please Note, if you select 'Both' in the gender section, no members of either gender will be able to send you messages, which might get a bit lonely because nobody will be able to reply to any messages that you send..:0(

    Note 2,
    - Members who have taken the time to complete their profile and upload photos are more likely to be more serious about finding a partner
    - Members who have paid a subscription (Gold or Silver) are often more serious about finding someone.

    Invite a Friend

    We provide three easy ways for you to invite your friends and aquaintances to join us and what's more, it pays you to do so. You can invite someone as simply as writing their first name and email address in the boxes provided and if they join up we credit you with one free week's full Gold membership. If you invite a dozen friends this could amount to almost three months free membership, it really is that easy.


    We provide 2 basic searches; Quick Search and Onine Now. You can access these by simply clicking on the 'Quick Search' menu item or the 'Online Now' sub-menu item and you will be shown a list of results for that search. In addition there is also a search refine column that allows you to change the search criteria and any changes may be saved.

    If the Quick Search/Manager sub-menu item is clicked, the search manager will open allowing you to create new searches which can be run from here in the manager. So if you wanted to search for tennis players in a certain area of a certain age, you could enter the appropriate criteria and save that search and use it often.

    Message Board

    Selecting the Message Board menu item opens the Message Board Categories page. It shows a list of available categories with some details and each title is a link to that category. Gold and Silver members may start new threads

    Selecting a Thread opens a list of member-posted comments for that thread. Gold and Silver members may post new comments.


    Selecting the Events menu item opens the Events page at the current events section and other sections may be selected from the drop down list

    If there are events available for that section, they will show in a list where outline details are displayed and the event title is a link to the full details with a blog section for that event. If you are going to attend an event, why click on the 'I'm going' link which lets us know and allows us to display an accurate number of the members likely to attend.

    All members may attend events but only Gold and Silver members may start new ones.


    Selecting DateNight opens a manager page that gives information re available DateNights in your area followed by reminders for upcoming agreed DateNights in soonest order and finally a history of dates that you have been on.

    The grids contain useful links to view the associated members and details of the dates

    For a detailed explanation of the Date Night feature and how to use it, please see Here

    DateNight sub menus


    The page is a search engine that can be used to find dates suitable for you and it will open with default values that are derived using data entered in your profile. There is a filter that can be used to return only DateNights for example for a particular date, area or member type

    Please note that the 'Dates for a' section should be used to find dates lookiong for this type. so if you are a straight male you should enter 'STraight' and 'Male' to view dates that are looking fror a straight male.

    My Date Nights

    Shows a list of current date nights that you have created, we say that these are dates that you 'Own' or that you are the owner of these dates.

    Each date night in the list has some details and an Action section, which contains some tools you can use:
    - The first shows the number of offers for that date night and is a link to a page where you can view those offers. Note that only the Date Owner can see these offers.
    - The second has an icon that looks like a wrench and sends the details to a grid fror editing.
    - The third is a delete button which has an 'Are you sure' feature to stop dates being accidentally removed.
    - The fourth just shows whether a date night has been authorised by Admins.

    My Offers

    Shows a list of current offers for date nights that you have made.

    Please note that it is fine to make offers for other dates occuring at the sane time provided you have not already had an offer accepted for that date/time. If an offer is accepted and you have other offers for the same date/time they will be removed.


    Only Gold members are allowed to create new date nights and from as little as the cost of a good cup of coffee every two weeks it is incredible value, so why not join?


    The Profile menu item has four flag images. If the flag is green it signifies that the section is complete, an orange signifies incomplete and red signifies empty. Hovering the mouse pointer over a flag will display a tooltip that states which section the flag applies to.

    Clicking this menu item opens a page where members can manage their Profile. It shows the member's current main photo with a link to the photo manager, the member's profile status, profile completed indicators and has links to pages where various profile details can be updated.

    So here you can see and link to:
    • Photo manager (see below)
    • Profile general info
    • Profile lifestyle info
    • Profile interests
    • Profile textual info

    There is also a link to allow members to change their email address. Please note members may use any email address they wish but we need to be sure that the address belongs to them. We ensure this using our email validation system which requires the member validating using a code which we send to that address. If the address you send us is incorrect, you will not receive that code and your login will not be enabled. However, if you have a problem, send us the details and we will try to help


    This menu item opens the photo manager page, which allows members to see photos that they have already uploaded with a link to 'Upload new Photo'.

    Each photo displayed has three tool buttons that allow members to:
    - Edit the photo details - Delete the Photo
    - Create a main photo from this

    Edit Details

    Opens the Photo Edit page. There are only two items that can be changed, the title and the visibilty. Simply type in a new title and select the required visibility followed by clicking the save button to complete the changes.


    Options include:
    - Everybody (All can see)
    - My Favourites only (Members in your favourites list only can see this)
    - Premium members only (Only Gold and Silver members can see)
    - Messages Only (This photo will be available for you to add as an attachment to messages)

    Members outside of an option will see a standard image instead

    Please note that photos must be authorised before other members can see them. This is just to ensure that they are not offensive to others or of a pornagraphic nature. There are 'Offensive Photo?' links that allow members to complain if they feel the need to do so.


    Deletes the photo that it is next to. It has an 'Are you sure' type check to help stop photos being deleted accidentally.

    Create Main Photo

    Selecting this button opens a page with the main photo creator tool that allows you to select a small square on that photo to create a main photo. The square can be resized by dragging the tiny squares in the corners and be dragged to the right place using the mouse. When it is the right size and in the right position, just click the 'Save and Close' button.

    Please note that you may need to refresh your page to see the difference due to browser caching. You can do this by pressing the F5 button and sometimes you may need to hold the ctr (or ctrl) button down when doing this


    You are here...:0)

    Help sub menus


    Gives some information about the site, the builder and the general aims of the site such as who the site is for, etc.


    If the Help doesn’t have what you need to help you, chances are someone else has already had that problem and we may have issued a solution in the Frequently Asked Questions page.

    The page is separated into sections that we hope will make it easier for you to find what you need and each question has a link to the answer.

    If you cannot find an answer to your problem, why not contact us to ask? We will answer as soon as we can and may well issue another FAQ as a result to help others in the future.

    Contact Us

    How Date Night

    Selecting this menu sub-item will open the 'How DateNight Works' page. It some of the theory behind the idea and shows how to use it effectively.

    Login Help

    Selecting this menu sub-item opens the Login help page which has a facility for those who have forgotten their password to reset and get a new one, plus a link to the reset page and a facilty to change your passwrd.