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    Frequently Asked Questions

      FAQs by section
    If we get a question that is often asked, we add it here so that others can quickly find a solution if they have the same problem


    • How can I see who has viewed my profile? Answer
    • How do I Disable / Enable my advert? Answer


    • I am getting nuisance messages from a member, what can I do? Answer
    • Moira has a question Answer
    • Moiras question22 Answer
    • Who is Moira Answer


    • How do I add photos? Answer
    • How do I attach photos to messages? Answer
    • When I look at my profile, why can't I see all of my photos? Answer


    • Does my bum look big in this..? Answer
    • How can I contact the site administration? Answer
    • I have a suggestion to improve the site, how do I do this? Answer


    We are very sorry to hear that you have a complaint, please use this link and give us concise relevant information so that we may swiftly deal with it. Members are advised that abuse will not be tolerated. Complain


    We are always looking for ways to improve our service and welcome your suggestions. Please use this link to give us the details. Suggestion

    Contacting Us

    We are happy to hear from you but hope you will understand that we are unable to answer all contacts due to work loads. In addition, premium members will always be our highest priority. Contact Us

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